I am a Software Developer with a passion for ALM, Agile, and Coding Practices. I have been working in .NET as a developer for almost a decade, a network admin for years before that. I have worked for large companies and small ones, many that you would recognize some that you probably interact with. I am opinionated and deeply curious about the world. If you have a problem there is a good chance that I would be interested in hearing about it. More than that I want to help others, mostly because I believe that helping a single person raises the quality for everyone.

James McKeeYour warranty will expire soon.

Every once and a while you get an email message that makes you a little concerned then you read over it and then you find something that makes you laugh as a part of it.  I very recently got a newer machine for work, it came with the warranty.  So you could imagine my concern when I received an email message saying that the warranty was running out.  That was until I looked at the date on the expiration… smooth move Dell…

5 months ago

James McKeeThe dangers of supporting Legacy Browsers.

From time to time I get request to add support for a browser that has long since gone the way of the dodo.  If you are regularly using IE7 you are the reason we can't have nice things. I say this being both humorous and literal. Customers that insist that there still be support of IE6 since their nephews brothers friend still uses Windows XP. There are a multitude of reasons that this is a very bad practice.

5 months ago

James McKeeHad a great time at DNNCon 2013. Saw some amazing talks. Thanks to everyone who was involved.


    James McKeeGot word today that I will be speaking at DNNCon! I think I have a good talk lined up... See you there!


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