I am a Software Developer with a passion for ALM, Agile, and Coding Practices. I have been working in .NET as a developer for almost a decade, a network admin for years before that. I have worked for large companies and small ones, many that you would recognize some that you probably interact with. I am opinionated and deeply curious about the world. If you have a problem there is a good chance that I would be interested in hearing about it. More than that I want to help others, mostly because I believe that helping a single person raises the quality for everyone.

James McKeeI'm currently working on talks for this years DNN Con. What would you like to hear about?

2 months ago

    James McKeeBuilding Resilient Networks

    It seems to me that there is an interesting space in the development of secure applications that is on the edge of hitting critical mass. Specifically in the space dealing with taking sites off-line by third-party organizations or governments. Two interesting ones that came across my desk today are IPFS (https://github.com/jbenet/go-ipfs) and cockroachDB (https://github.com/cockroachdb/cockroach). This has been an area that I have been deeply interested in for a very long time, as well as putting some of my own thoughts behind the process. I'm encouraged to see that both of these projects seem to be heading in the right direction, and I definitely want to give them the shout out for doing some amazing implementation work so far. Both appear to be an alpha but I'm very interested to see where these both go.

    3 months ago

    James McKeeYour warranty will expire soon.

    Every once and a while you get an email message that makes you a little concerned then you read over it and then you find something that makes you laugh as a part of it.  I very recently got a newer machine for work, it came with the warranty.  So you could imagine my concern when I received an email message saying that the warranty was running out.  That was until I looked at the date on the expiration… smooth move Dell…


    James McKeeThe dangers of supporting Legacy Browsers.

    From time to time I get request to add support for a browser that has long since gone the way of the dodo.  If you are regularly using IE7 you are the reason we can't have nice things. I say this being both humorous and literal. Customers that insist that there still be support of IE6 since their nephews brothers friend still uses Windows XP. There are a multitude of reasons that this is a very bad practice.


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